In Service to Goddess


Pia Gaia


~ Pia Gaia, Sacred Drama Embodiment  'Venus of Hagar Qim'
Glastonbury Goddess Co

...I  am the deep Stone Lover,

Hewn from the Rock that is my Mother ...


I was born into Goddess community.


I’ve never known a time when She hasn't been at my side.


My calling to serve has lead me all over the world sharing ceremony, workshops, holding sacred space and Facilitating Red Tents womens circles at eco villages and spiritual communities throughout the UK, Europe, USA, and Oceania. 

I dedicated 7 years exploring my ancestral homeland of Avalon and trained as a priestess at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Magdalene Mystery School UK where I initiated as a Priestess of the Avalonian mysteries and of Rhiannon, Goddess of love, sacred sexuality, sensuality and womens mysteries.

In Australia, I am initiator of Gaia’s Garden, where we grow Goddess community; House of Gaia, a social, ecological and spiritual collective; Gaia's Garden Journeys, sacred journeys for women around the globe, and the Gaia Temple, the first Melbourne based temple dedicated to Gaia, in all forms as Earth, Goddess, Community. 

Greetings Beloved

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